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           ROYAL ENVOY 


HRM Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad

Royal Monarch of The States of Birland

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HRM Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad

Royal Monarch of The States of Birland​


                         About HRM





About HRM

H.R.M. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad is a global iconic and esteemed personality hailing from the Philippines. She is a multifaceted individual with an illustrious educational background and a string of honorary degrees and titles from prestigious international institutions. H.RM. holds  Master in Business Administration MBA and a Honorary Doctorate from Harvest Christian University.

A true humanitarian and Global Queen of Peace Queen Eden is deeply dedicated to promoting peace, harmony, and global healing through her various roles and endeavors. She is the Prime Minister and the crowned Queen of the Kingdom of the State of Birland, the First Humanitarian country in the making and the 55th country in the African Continent, the Secretary General of the United Global Kingdoms and recently bestowed upon her the title as High Commissioner for Human Rights of Parliament by the Diplomatic Corps Peace in Brazil and her appointment is officially  registered in the UN ECOSOC ESANGO, and he is a holder of significant high positions in several international organizations and foundations, working towards humanitarian causes.


It is noteworthy that Queen Eden is declared as Queen of Ohanaeze Kingdom Worldwide even before she became the Queen of Birland Monarchy, Queen of Embo kingdom in Africa and Diaspora and Queen of Sacro Trono de los Amerindios y Afrodescendientes-SATROAMAD in Venezuela, and Queen Naladuta of Kutai Mulawarman Kingdom in Kerajaan East Kalimantan Indonesia. Beyond her roles in governance and leadership, Queen Eden is an accomplished poet, author, translator, and editor. Her poetry has been featured in various literary journals and magazines worldwide, and she has authored multiple poetry collections.


Her love for literature and languages has led her to translate epic books and modern poetry collections by renowned authors from different parts of the world. As a passionate educator, Queen Eden has played a pivotal role in pioneering and establishing a school and educational institutions, especially for underprivileged children in the Philippines. She has served Pro Bono as Vice-President  for 30 years and is currently the President of the Board of Trustees, School Director, and Principal of an outreach and mission school. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad's tireless efforts in promoting peace, literature, and education have earned her numerous accolades and recognitions from esteemed organizations and institutions globally.

Her dedication to humanitarian causes and cultural understanding has made her an influential and respected figure both in her home country and on the international stage.

Through her efforts, Harvest Christian University benefits from a royal touch in its global engagement strategy, opening doors to unique opportunities for collaboration and growth on the international stage.

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HRM Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad

Royal Monarch of The States of Birland





HRM Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad, Royal Monarch of The States of Birland, serves as a distinguished Royal Envoy for Harvest Christian University, leveraging her unique position to foster global alliances and relationships.

Royal Envoy to Harvest Christian University Harvest Christian University is honored to welcome a distinguished Royal Envoy, serving as an official representative of the Crown. This esteemed visitor brings a message of goodwill and recognition to our sovereign institution of higher learning.


The Royal Envoy's presence signifies:

  1. Diplomatic Recognition: Acknowledgment of HCU's status as a sovereign educational entity.

  2. Cultural Exchange: An opportunity to share our Christian values and educational philosophy with royal representatives.

  3. Ceremonial Significance: The envoy's visit marks a momentous occasion in HCU's history, potentially heralding a new era of growth and influence.

  4. Global Connections: Strengthening ties between HCU and international royal institutions, opening doors for future collaborations.

  5. Prestige: Enhancing HCU's reputation as a recognized and respected sovereign university.

  6. Educational Diplomacy: Exploring potential partnerships or exchange programs with royal educational institutions.

  7. Shared Vision: Discussing common goals in education, leadership development, and community impact.

As we welcome this Royal Envoy, Harvest Christian University reaffirms its commitment to excellence in education, cultural preservation, and global engagement. This visit underscores our unique position as a sovereign institution dedicated to preparing future leaders grounded in faith and equipped for global challenges.

In this capacity, Her Royal Majesty plays a crucial role in expanding the university's international presence and influence. As a Royal Envoy, Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad utilizes her diplomatic skills and extensive network to:

  1. Establish partnerships with international educational institutions, promoting academic exchange and collaboration.

  2. Represent Harvest Christian University at global forums and events, enhancing the institution's visibility and reputation.

  3. Facilitate cultural exchange programs, enriching the university's diverse learning environment.

  4. Attract international students and faculty, contributing to the university's global perspective.

  5. Secure funding and resources for research initiatives and scholarship programs.

Her Royal Majesty's involvement as a Royal Envoy adds a unique dimension to Harvest Christian University's global outreach efforts. With her background in promoting peace, harmony, and global healing through various cultural and literary forms, Queen Eden brings a wealth of experience in fostering international understanding and cooperation.


The Queen's role as Prime Minister of the State of Birland in Bir Tawil land, Africa, further enhances her ability to connect with diverse communities and leaders worldwide. Her multifaceted background, which includes being recognized as the Queen of SACRO TRONO DE LOS AMERINDIOS Y TRANSCENDIENTES (SATROAMAD), allows her to bridge cultural gaps and create meaningful partnerships for the university.


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