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           " The Business Bishop"

Co-Founder of  Smart People Network


CEO of Hello SonShine Network

Vice President at

Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker

General of Transformational Thinking

Harvest Christian University Sr. Vice President

Diplomat at Humanitarian Rights & Diplomacy 

Board of Regents Member

Sr. Executive Vice President 

Vice-Chancellor Extension Campus

HG  The Honorable Bishop

Prof.  Dr. Michael Bates Sr. Ph.D., MBA, CPC, 

  Harvest Christian University               

                   Sr. Executive Vice President                                 

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"Make Some Strategic Moves"

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 the Office of the Executive Vice President

Vice-Chancellor Extension Campus

HG  The Honorable Bishop

Prof.  Dr. Michael Bates Sr. Ph.D., MBA, CPC


The Executive Vice-President Dr. Michael Bates Sr. is the Chief Administrative Officer with oversight of the development, stewardship and operation of the physical campus, the delivery of campus services and the provision of programs to support campus life. Dr. Bates leads the  efforts to continually improve the delivery of University operations and infrastructure while strengthening safety planning and coordination. He is responsible for providing overall leadership for University administrative services, has direct oversight of the operating divisions and the administrative planning team.  Dr. Bates chairs several committees and reports to the  University President.

The executive vice president is responsible for the University’s long-term campus plan and capital construction program, and leads University efforts through committees focused on environmental safety, enterprise risk management, compliance, and increasing efficiencies across administrative and academic departments.

Dr. Michael Bates Sr. as the Executive Vice President of Harvest Christian University:

As the Executive Vice President of Harvest Christian University, Dr. Michael Bates Sr. plays a pivotal role in providing strategic leadership and overseeing the university's multifaceted operations. Reporting directly to the University President, Dr. Bates is responsible for aligning the institution's academic, administrative, and operational functions to ensure the realization of its overarching mission and vision. At the core of Dr. Bates' duties is the collaborative development and implementation of the university's strategic plan. He works closely with the President to set the institution's long-term direction, identify key priorities, and allocate resources effectively to drive continuous improvement and growth.

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 the Office

Overseeing the academic affairs of the university is another crucial aspect of Dr. Bates' responsibilities. He closely collaborates with the Deans and Department Chairs to maintain the highest standards of educational quality, foster faculty development, and enhance the relevance and impact of the university's academic programs. Enrollment management and student success are also areas of focus for Dr. Bates. He partners with the Admissions and Financial Aid offices to develop and execute effective enrollment strategies, ensuring the university attracts and retains a diverse and talented student body. Additionally, he oversees the provision of comprehensive student support services to promote engagement, retention, and overall satisfaction.

Prudent financial and resource stewardship is another key responsibility entrusted to Dr. Bates. He participates in the university's budgeting and resource allocation processes, identifies and secures external funding sources, and ensures the efficient and responsible management of the institution's financial and physical assets. As the Executive Vice President, Dr. Bates also plays a pivotal role in fostering external relations and community engagement. He represents Harvest Christian University in various community, industry, and professional organizations, cultivating collaborative partnerships that enhance the university's reputation and impact. Furthermore, Dr. Bates is responsible for leading organizational development and change management initiatives within the university. He champions a culture of innovation, continuous learning, and adaptability, facilitating the implementation of restructuring, policy updates, and process improvements to enhance the institution's overall effectiveness.

Lastly, Dr. Bates oversees the university's compliance and risk management efforts, ensuring adherence to all applicable laws, regulations, and accreditation standards. He collaborates with the legal counsel and internal audit team to address compliance and risk-related matters, safeguarding the institution's integrity and long-term sustainability. Through his multifaceted responsibilities, Dr. Michael Bates Sr. plays a crucial role in providing strategic direction, driving academic excellence, and fostering the overall growth and success of Harvest Christian University.

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