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Our Mission

To equip and supply the body of Christ thereby energizing the ranks of leadership to marketplace ministry in it cutting edge concept​.

We prepare Ministers to reach the marketplace like

  • Sports Teams

  • Banks 

  • Hotels

  • Police

  • Departments

  • Hospitals

  • Schools

  • Prisons


Who We Are

We are a fellowship of Christian Chaplains and Ministers serving the marketplace. We are a non-profit Christian fellowship with hundreds of chaplains serving in ministry worldwide.


Since 2009, our ministers serve in law enforcement,

fire services, prisons, hospitals, hospice care, and church ministries., The IALCC helps provide a professional network of qualified clergy from many educational and Christian backgrounds. The goal is developing ministry leaders to reach the world for Christ while serving God through chaplaincy.

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The International Association of Licensed Chaplains (IALCC) was formed in 2009 with the aim of helping pastors master behavioral health and pursue counseling within the body of Christ. It is an international organization that provides professional membership to chaplains and liaison officers from different faith groups and law enforcement agencies.

The (IALCC) is dedicated to developing professional chaplains through dynamic training and education. The (IALCC) serves as a platform for chaplains to enhance their skills and contribute to the well-being of individuals within their communities.


The International Association of Licensed Chaplains (IALCC) recognizes the need for chaplains in the church to provide spiritual and emotional support to individuals in various settings. The association understands that chaplains play a vital role in supporting people who may be in vulnerable situations and celebrating with those who receive good news. They acknowledge that chaplains mark significant moments in people's lives, from the beginning to the end, and the transformative moments in between.

The (IALCC) believes that chaplaincy is open to anyone who feels called to support others' spiritual and emotional well-being, regardless of their background or religious affiliation.They advocate for the profession of spiritual care and aim to educate, certify, and support chaplains in their healing ministry. The (IALCC) recognizes that chaplains provide essential support to individuals in need, and their presence in the church is crucial for fostering a sense of spiritual and emotional well-being within the community.


The International Association of Licensed Chaplains (IALCC) supports chaplains in their work by providing training and education opportunities. The association offers regional and annual training seminars that chaplains can attend to work towards six levels of training: Basic, Liaison, Senior, Master, Diplomat, and Fellow. The (IALCC) is committed to providing the highest quality training to increase its members' skills and abilities, develop professional recognition, and improve communication.

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