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  • In 2022, there were 2.1 million status dropouts between the ages of 16 and 24. FBI Violent Crime Statistics and the US Census Bureau reports state there is definitely a correlation between those who's do not have high school diplomas or the equivalent and higher violent crime rates.

  • Nationally, low-income men are almost three times as likely as higher-income men to lack a high school degree or equivalent education (29 percent versus 10 percent.

  • Income men have some college education, but not an associate’s degree (24 percent versus 25 percent). 

  • Among low-income men, Hispanics have lower high school completion rates than African Americans and whites.3 Fifty percent of Hispanics age 18 to 44 lack a high school degree or GED, compared with 26 percent of African Americans and 17 percent of whites in the same age group. 


SOURCE: National Center for Education Statistics. (2024). Status Dropout Rates. Condition of Education. U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences. Retrieved May 30, 2024, from

Harvest Christian University's "Pathway to Success" GED Program Harvest Christian University

Through its innovative "Pathways to Success GED program, is committed to addressing the interconnected challenges of crime, unemployment, and prison recidivism in our communities. As a royal sovereign school formed under Royal Charter, HCU recognizes education as a powerful tool for societal transformation.

Our approach:

  1. Crime Prevention 

  2. Prison Reform and Recidivism

  3. Community Engagement

  4. Partnerships

By leveraging our expertise, community connections, and innovative approach to education, Harvest Christian University's "Pathways to Success GED" program aims to create a holistic solution to crime, unemployment, and prison issues, fostering stronger, safer, and more prosperous communities.

Harvest Christian University's "Pathway to Success" GED Program

At Harvest Christian University our innovative "Pathway to Success" GED program has demonstrated remarkable achievements in empowering individuals and transforming lives.

Key successes of our "Pathway to Success" program include:

  1. Accelerated Learning: Our 2-year program structure, as opposed to traditional 4-year degrees, has enabled students to quickly acquire essential skills and knowledge, facilitating faster entry into the workforce or higher education.

  2. Practical Education: By focusing on hands-on, real-world applications, our GED program has successfully prepared students for immediate employment opportunities, addressing unemployment challenges in our communities.

  3. Holistic Development: In line with HCU's belief that education should produce citizens who can run the country, our program has instilled core values of opportunity, merit-based advancement, upward mobility, and freedom.

  4. Community Impact: Through our commitment to turning students into responsible citizens, the "Pathway to Success" program has contributed to reduced crime rates and improved community engagement among our graduates.

  5. Career Advancement: Our alumni have demonstrated significant professional growth, with many achieving leadership positions in various fields, showcasing the program's effectiveness in fostering upward mobility.

  6. Debt-Free Education: Unlike traditional institutions that often lead to substantial student debt, our program has provided quality education without burdening students with long-term financial obligations.

  7. Diverse Success Stories: The program has produced graduates who have become successful entrepreneurs, thought leaders, and contributors in business, arts, entertainment, and other sectors.

Harvest Christian University

HCU deeply appreciates the impactful work carried out by Juvenile Justice Departments. We are excited to explore a partnership that aims to further build our community. Through education, certificate programs, and our personalized GED program, we aspire to provide a hand up to those transitioning from the department.

Our shared goal is to empower them with life skills, behavioral health support, and job readiness, enabling transformative change as they enter the workforce and positively impact their communities. Harvest Christian University's GED program takes a comprehensive approach, ensuring students are
well-prepared academically, professionally, and personally. Students younger that 16 cannot take the GED program in the state of Texas. Students will also need to prove residency to take the test.

Personalized ED Preparation:

1. This component focuses on helping students prepare for their General Educational Development (GED) test.
2. It's interactive and self-paced, allowing students to learn at their own speed.
3. Additionally, students receive personalized guidance from a facilitator who assists them
throughout the process.

 Career and Job Readiness:
1. In this component, students gain essential skills for entering the workforce
2. Topics covered include workplace ethics, resume writing, and interviewing skills.
3. Students also have the opportunity to obtain a specialized certificate from the university, enhancing their employability.


Students also have the opportunity to enroll in one of our schools.

  • Aviation Academy

  • Wealth Academy

  • Real-estate Academy

  • School of Culinary Arts

  • o School of Holistic Medicine

Pathways Learning Systems

Graduation Ceremony

Pathway To Success GED

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