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Harvest Christian University

Executive Advisory Council

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 Harvest Christian University's Alumni Advisory Council

Welcome to Harvest Christian University's Alumni Advisory Council, a distinguished body of accomplished graduates dedicated to supporting and guiding our alumni community. As a sovereign institution of higher learning, HCU is committed to fostering lifelong connections and providing ongoing value to our graduates.

The Alumni Advisory Council serves as a bridge between the university and its alumni, offering expert guidance in crucial fields including Finance, Economics, Business, Consumer Protection, Law, Health, and Holistic Medicine. We're pleased to announce the expansion of our advisory services to include specialized committees focused on Real Estate, Investing, and Entrepreneurship.

Our mission is to empower HCU graduates with the knowledge, resources, and networks they need to thrive in their personal and professional lives. Whether you're a recent graduate embarking on your career journey, an established professional seeking to expand your horizons, or an aspiring entrepreneur or investor, the Alumni Advisory Council is here to support you.

Our committees, led by experienced alumni leaders, provide tailored advice, mentorship, and opportunities for continuous learning and growth. The new Real Estate Academy will offer insights into property markets, investment strategies, and career opportunities in the real estate sector.


The Investing Advisory Committee will provide guidance on personal and professional investment strategies, market analysis, and wealth management.

The Entrepreneurship programs will support alumni in starting and growing their own businesses, offering mentorship, networking opportunities, and practical advice on navigating the challenges of entrepreneurship.

As a sovereign university, HCU recognizes the unique perspectives and needs of our alumni. The Council is designed to honor our Christian values while equipping our graduates with the tools to navigate the complexities of the modern world. We are committed to fostering a community of lifelong learners who are prepared to make significant contributions to their fields and society at large.

Join us in this exciting endeavor as we work together to strengthen the HCU alumni network, share knowledge, and create opportunities for personal and professional development. Your success is our success, and together, we can continue to uphold the principles and excellence that define Harvest Christian University.


Harvest Christian University Advisory Board is dedicated to fostering diversity and facilitating collaboration between corporate America and celebrity actors and entertainers. Our mission is to create an inclusive environment that embraces the unique perspectives and talents of individuals from all backgrounds. By bridging the gap between academia, industry, and the entertainment sector, we aim to cultivate a culture of understanding, respect, and innovation. Through our efforts, we seek to empower students, faculty, and partners to work together in harmony, leveraging their collective expertise to drive positive change in the world.


By incorporating these initiatives, the advisory board aims to create a more inclusive and supportive educational environment, ultimately addressing disparities in education and the challenges associated with the traditional four-year education model. By implementing these initiatives, the advisory board can play a pivotal role in addressing disparaties in education and the challenges associated with the traditional four-year education model. The collective expertise of the board members can be harnessed to drive meaningful change and foster an environment of inclusivity and equal opportunity within the university and its broader ecosystem.

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Dr. Sharon Frank
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 Alumni Advisory Counseling 


I. Alumni Advisory Council Structure
A. Purpose and mission
B. Membership criteria
C. Leadership roles
D. Meeting frequency and format


II. Finance Advisory Committee
A. Personal financial planning
B. Investment strategies
C. Debt management
D. Retirement planning


III. Economics Advisory Committee
A. Market trends analysis
B. Global economic issues
C. Economic policy impact
D. Career opportunities in economics


IV. Business Advisory Committee
A. Entrepreneurship guidance
B. Corporate career paths
C. Business ethics
D. Networking strategies


V. Consumer Protection Advisory Committee
A. Understanding consumer rights
B. Fraud prevention
C. Data privacy and security
D. Ethical consumerism


VI. Law Classes Advisory Committee
A. Legal career paths
B. Continuing legal education
C. Emerging legal trends
D. Pro bono opportunities


VII. Health and Holistic Medicine Advisory Committee
A. Integrative medicine practices
B. Wellness and prevention strategies
C. Alternative therapies
D. Health policy and advocacy


VIII. Mentorship Program
A. Pairing new alumni with experienced professionals
B. Career guidance and support
C. Skill development workshops
D. Networking events


IX. Alumni Resources
A. Online knowledge base
B. Webinars and virtual conferences
C. Job board and career services
D. Alumni newsletter


X. Community Engagement
A. Alumni-led volunteer initiatives
B. Fundraising for scholarships
C. Guest lecture series
D. Annual alumni conference

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