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HCU is committed to the advancement of knowledge and shaping future leaders to become responsible global citizens. These noble commitments are entrenched in HCU's  Mission and Values.

HCU Mission

Our mission is to provide quality higher education that offers students the opportunity to acquire applied education and skills and earn recognized qualifications to achieve recognition and advancement in their career.

HCU Core Values

All Faculty and Administrators of HCU hold a belief in complimentary values:

◘  We value learning that meet the needs of our students and learners.

◘  We value excellence as the hallmark of our endeavors.

◘  We value accountability to gain confidence from students and public.

◘  We value openness and flexibility that remove barrier and  enhance understanding.

◘  We value freedom and ideas that promote innovation and social justice.

​We offer student-centered and career-focused learning to develop the knowledge and skills for successful careers in the modern global workplace. Established in 2010, HCU was formed as an innovative institution to meet the demands for alternatives to the traditional education experience which often require taking several years away from jobs.  HCU provides quality certified programs combined with open enrollment and flexible learning designed to accommodate lifestyle and other commitments.


HCU offers access to practical management skills required for career-progression into leadership positions. Adults and professionals who possess prior college-level education can complete a chosen program within 1 year, depending on total credits transferred into the program. HCU supports it's students in the discovery of their potential and secure valuable assets for their future. Start earning your degree by choosing from our various Undergraduate and Graduate Degree Programs and get started today!


Our Innovative and Robust Curriculums are designed to help  our students recognize, explore and develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve professional competency that will meet the demands of the  modern global workplace. Our study programs will enable students to expand their intellectual perceptions while they acquire knowledge that will position them for leadership. HCU Faculty possesses higher academic degrees with professional expertise, and are challenged to support your goals and make your learning an experience to be remembered.

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