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Introduction to the Academic Senate at Harvest Christian University

Harvest Christian University is committed to upholding the principles of shared governance and academic freedom through its robust Academic Senate. As the supreme academic authority of the university, the Academic Senate plays a crucial role in shaping the institution's educational policies, standards, and strategic direction.


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University  President

Carl Robinson Ph.D.

University  Executive Vice-President

Dr. Michael Bates Sr.

University Alumni Relations

Dr. Sharon Frank

University  Provost & Vice-President

Dr. Jonathan Robinson

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University Business Liaison

HG Dr. Kay Robinson

University Director Aviation 
Prof. Dr. Ron Mays

University  Director Holistic Medecine

Dr. Yahki Rapha Elohim

University  Governance

Carla Toon Ph.D.

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University  Academic Senate 
Dr. Kannis Florence


University Governorance

Prof. Dr. Chris Amafadon

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University  Governance

Dr.  April Mason

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University  Governance

Jaron Barnes  Ph.D.


University  Governance & Music Arts

Mark Taylor Ph.D.

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The Academic Senate is composed of elected and ex-officio members, including faculty representatives from various departments, deans, department heads, and student representatives. This diverse composition ensures that the diverse perspectives and interests of the university community are reflected in the Senate's deliberations and decision-making. The key responsibilities of the Harvest Christian University Academic Senate include:

  1. Establishing and maintaining academic policies, standards, and regulations:

    • Approving new academic programs, curricula, and degree requirements

    • Overseeing the university's grading policies and academic integrity standards

  2. Providing faculty governance and oversight:

    • Participating in the hiring, promotion, and tenure processes for faculty members

    • Advising the university administration on matters of academic importance

  3. Fostering academic freedom and shared governance:

    • Serving as a platform for faculty to voice their concerns and contribute to institutional decision-making

    • Upholding the principles of academic freedom and ensuring the university's mission and values are upheld

  4. Collaborating with other university stakeholders:

    • Working closely with the Board of Trustees, administration, and student government to align academic priorities

    • Facilitating interdisciplinary research and community engagement initiatives



Through its active involvement in the university's academic affairs, the Harvest Christian University Academic Senate plays a vital role in maintaining the institution's commitment to excellence, innovation, and the holistic development of its students. The Senate's deliberations and decisions are guided by the university's Christian mission and its dedication to serving the church and the world.



The Academic Senate at Harvest Christian University Outline Structure. 

  1. Composition and Membership:

    • The Academic Senate is likely composed of elected and ex-officio faculty members, including deans, department heads, and potentially student representatives.

    • The university president or chancellor likely serves as the chair or president of the Academic Senate.

  2. Responsibilities and Powers:

    • The Academic Senate is responsible for setting academic policies, standards, and regulations for the university.

    • This likely includes approving academic programs, curricula, degree requirements, and grading policies.

    • The Senate may also play a role in faculty hiring, promotion, and tenure decisions.

    • The extent of the Senate's decision-making power is unclear, as it may serve in an advisory capacity or have more defined legal authority.

  3. Shared Governance:

    • The Academic Senate is likely seen as a key part of the system of shared governance at Harvest Christian University, allowing faculty to participate in institutional decision-making.

    • This shared governance model is considered important for maintaining academic freedom and the integrity of the university's mission.

  4. Differences from Other University Structures:

    • As a Christian university, the structure and role of the Academic Senate at Harvest Christian University may differ from more secular institutions.

    • The university's strong emphasis on its Christian mission and values may influence the Senate's priorities and decision-making processes.

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